Ditech is an extension of your business

We give life to your old tanks and get them where you need them to be.

Ditech Delivers

Our core belief

We care for your assets because we value you

We believe in partnering with our customers. When you sign on with Ditech we begin tracking all your cylinders and tanks with our unique barcoding system, allowing us to know when they need recertifying; where they are and where to take them; and help make your accounting and tracking requirements easier.

More value for your business

Ensured efficiency with higher capacity trailers

As a company concerned with its own bottom line, Ditech has created important innovations to help make us as efficient as possible. Our two-tier trailers are custom designed to handle the largest number of tanks possible in a single load. Handling more of your tanks at one time keeps our pricing as low as possible. Don’t forget to ask about our Rebate Program!

We lead where others follow
Ditech Delivers

The best in every way

Your assets are transported by our professional and highly trained drivers

Ditech drivers are undeniably the best. They know our business – and make it their business – to get to know yours. Our drivers have been known to go the extra mile (literally) to help a customer in need. Their friendly manner and can-do attitude make them a pleasure to work with.

Additional benefits

Our efficiencies keep you cost-effective

In today’s business climate, trimming expenses to strengthen the bottom line is more important than ever. Ditech helps your company add value to its current assets, while saving substantial capital in new steel. We keep track of recertification dates for you and refurbish your old tanks to make them last longer. It’s just smart business.

We lead where others follow
Ditech Delivers

Keep track of your transactions

Exclusive and secure online account for clients

As a Ditech customer, our innovative online system allows you to track invoices, locate cylinders and tanks, search your company history by cylinder and tank inventory, check order status, view financial history by branch and/or region, and even run reports. We would be happy to train your staff to use our secure online system.

We lead where others follow

One price covers it all

Competitive and all-inclusive pricing

When you work with Ditech, we will give your company an all-inclusive pricing, which brings all of our services, freight, and inventory control under one uniform matrix. Pricing is structured by State, detailed with gauge or no gauge, and include the following:


Vent holes in foot ring


Shot blasted to white metal blast


Pin hole repairs


Visual inspection per CGA


Hydrostatic 12-year DOT test


Recertification collar stamp


Primed with epoxy primer


Painted with aliphatic urethane top coat


Methanol injected to remove moisture


Valved with new RegO valves


Vacuum purging


Hydrostatic 12-year DOT test


Installing new plastic cap with hinge


Protective netting on cylinders


Freight pick up and delivery

what our customers say


We have had a very good business relationship since the very beginning, 25 years ago. Product quality and customer service make Ditech a reliable partner we can rely on for our requalification needs.

Mario Bégin
Superior Propane
Manager, Fixed Assets

Wanted to take a few minutes to let you know our appreciation on your refurbishing work done on our 420 tanks. The result is impressive our color came out as per our expectations. Also would like to add that over and above the great refurbishing work service is great from pick up of the tanks to delivery. Your drivers are very dedicated and meticulous manipulating the tanks.

Lucie Payette
Propane Plus Inc.
Director of Operations & Sales

We’ve worked with Ditech for many years and we know we can always rely on them to be on schedule and to deliver what we’ve asked. Great team to work with; friendly with a can-do attitude.

Bill Ermer
Owner, Palmer Gas & Oil

We’ve developed a great relationship with Ditech. They do great quality work and stand by their product. Most impressive is their customer service and dedication. They go above and beyond to meet their customer’s needs.

Jon Davidoff
Manager – Tank Assets
Suburban Propane

We always know that we can rely on Ditech to handle our tank refurbishing needs. Whenever we have a problem and bring it to Ditech, they are always willing to work on a solution. One example would be the zinc oxide primer coat that we have continued to take advantage of. Our propane tanks can now be set on the ocean, and we don’t have to worry about them rusting away. Ditech provides a quality product for a fair price. A reliable, efficient, friendly business that we know will always be there when we need them!

Ryan Jackson
Chief Operating Officer
DF Richard Propane

Ditech is a fantastic organization! They have amazing customer support from beginning to end of the process, flexible to meet the customers changing needs, and go the extra mile at every stage. I would highly recommend!

Michelle Free
Regulatory & Technical Assets Specialist

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