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Propane Can Reduce GHGs, Create Jobs and Support Communities at No Cost to Taxpayers

By the Canadian Propane Association & Taken from CNW

OTTAWA, May 26, 2016 /CNW/ – The Ontario government’s announcement today to spend up to $100 million to support the introduction of renewable natural gas without considering more affordable energy solutions, such as low-emission propane, is a missed opportunity.

“There needs to be a fresh approach that does not favour one energy source over another and seemingly at all costs,” said Andrea Labelle, Executive Director of the Canadian Propane Association. “Investing in narrowly focused, and costly long-term solutions associated with natural gas without actively considering the advantages of affordable and clean-burning propane is not an effective approach. In fact, such a policy could result in government picking winners and losers as opposed to looking for the best approaches to combatting climate change.”

Labelle added, “If the Ontario government is looking for ways to achieve its goals to reduce GHGs, create jobs and support communities, it needs to consider a more inclusive approach. Members of Ontario’s propane industry are ready and willing partners; without burdening taxpayers.”

Labelle noted that bringing propane to the table as a true partner in the fight against climate change is good for the environment, good for jobs, good for all communities and good for Ontario.

“Including propane in the development of climate change policy will immediately provide support to rural energy businesses and create employment growth. It will also ensure that communities, especially in rural and remote areas, become full beneficiaries of a truly comprehensive Climate Change Plan while having access to competitively-priced energy options,” added Labelle.

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